Water Recycling Plants

We produce water recycling complexes since 1990 with installations in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Italy. Our profound experience in stone, concrete & ceramics processing water recycling, allows us to provide clean water solutions between 200 to 10.000lit/min.

The latest and innovative construction of ours in the water recycling field is the “Compact Complex” with a capacity of cleaning 200 to 1500lit/min. The Compact Complexes are consisted by all the parts of the traditionally major water recycling complexes in one construction. Moreover, this construction does not need foundation works and is ready to use in just one day!

The water recycling constructions that exceed the capacity of 1500lit/min are designed and constructed according to the needs and uniqueness of every specific application. On the other hand, the water recycling constructions that have capacity lesser than 1500lit/min are standardized according to their dynamic in ones of 200, 400, 600, 800, 1.000 and 1.500 capacity respectively.


The water recycling system plant consists of the water concentration tank, the precipitation tanks, the clean water tank and the filter press.

All the used water of the factory is concentrate to the underground sludge tank and is pumped to the precipitation tank with the addition of the flocculant by the dozer pump. The water separates from the other materials by the help of the flocculant and runs over the precipitation tank to the clean water tank. The precipitated sludge through the automatic valve at the bottom of the precipitation tank is filling up the sludge mixer tank.

The filter press is filled up with sludge by the sludge tank in high pressure. At the end of the cycle the sludge is dehydrated and easy to handle.

The operation of the complete plant is fully automatic controlled by PLC even the preparation of the flocculant dilution.


 Plan 1: Water Recycle System (6000lit) with filterpress


 Plan 2: Water Recycle System (Compact 1500lit) with filterpress