Machines For Shaping Marble

  • Side Finishing Machines

    Side finishing machines processes the sides of marble with heads that wear diamond tools and abrasive stones.

    Side Finishing Machines
  • Drum Blasting Machines

    The drum blasting machine works on the principle as the bush hammering machine.

    Drum Blasting Machines
  • Bush Hammering Machines

    This machine fragmentizes the material’s surface randomly by means of rollers with widia in depth, proportional to the pressure applied by the widia and their shape. These rollers are place upon a plate that rotates and moves along the entire width of the processed material.

    Bush Hammering Machines
  • Lopping Machines

    The function of the lopping machine is similar to that of the bush hammering and drum blasting machines.

    Lopping Machines
  • Shot Blasting Machines

    The shot blasting machine “bombards” the material’s surface with mesh giving it thus a mat texture.

    Shot Blasting Machines
  • Scanners

    Scanners contribute to the greater exploitation of all the capabilities of a CNC, by scanning any surface and accurately.

  • Vibratory Machines

    Specially designed machinery to perform surface finishing in the best possible manner pursuant to process features

    Vibratory Machines
  • Chamfering Machines

    Chamfering machines are designed to perform peripheral finishing of tiles by measuring the dimensions of the two sides and the beveling of the four upper verges.

    Chamfering Machines
  • Lathes

    These are marble processing machines that take out parts of them so that they take the desired form in width and shape.

  • Waterjets

    Waterjet is a machine that combines the structure of a 3-axis CNC with a one head nozzle, with a bundle of water in high pressure.

  • Flaming

    Machine for processing marble or granite surface by flaming.