Resin Plant Solutions

INTERTRADE operates in the field of natural stone since 1979 giving solutions concerning the cut and process of any kind of natural stones. There are many resin applications solutions given for any type and dimension of natural stone, that we can group them in 3 categories:

  • Slabs reinforcement: resin line for sensitive materials that needs structure reinforcement with or without net
  • Slabs surface coloring: resin line for granites coloring and surface defects elimination
  • Surface fine treatment: for polishing line with Infrared and Ultraviolet ovens
  • HELIOS Resin Line

    The HELIOS resining line is the result of a long-term research of our company in collaboration with experts in the area of the support and resining of stone materials.

    HELIOS Resin Line
  • Surface Fine Treatment

    Surface fine treatment is a process which takes place at the polishing line just after the calibration and before the final polishing, because at that point small holes and natural stone defects are becoming more visible. During this process the slabs or tiles after the calibration are entering into an Infrared tunnel oven that will dry them and evaporate the humidity hidden inside the material. Except natural stone industry, this process is used also to concrete products and ceramic tiles.

    Surface Fine Treatment
  • Other Resin Lines

    We also represent PEDRINI S.P.A. which offers two resin lines.

    Other Resin Lines